18:40 Tuesday 25th October | Lessons for your Fifties

The way we think about ageing is in flux. We are working harder and living longer, while facing a barrage of pressure from employers and the media to stay forever young in mind and body. As a culture we’ve lost sight of what our 50s should be. In this challenging period after fertility and before old age, how should we manage our energies? Should we consolidate our learning and achievements or give up and start again? What do we want the second half of our lives to be?

This workshop by Marina Benjamin is a chance for everyone dubious of the language of ‘empowerment’ to explore new ways of confronting and navigating the trials of midlife. Taking flight from readings of Marina’s book The Middlepause, we’ll consider topics such as: the middle-aged body; the business of parenting teens; the loss of parents; life after the menopause, and other topics. Most important of all, you’ll find a way to map your own path through the midlife crisis.

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